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Academic Experience

My Studies


2021 - Present

Graduate Courses (NDO), Stanford University

Currently taking Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning graduate courses at Stanford University. Interested in Deeplearning  for Computer Vision & NLP applications.

Courses taken so far: CS221 (4 credits, under Prof. Chelsea Finn & Prof. Hima Anari)


2017 - 2019

Masters In Electrical Engineering, Viterbi School of Engineering, USC

Completed a Masters in Electrical Engineering with focus in Digital VLSI and Computer Architecture. Learnt and implemented end-to-end ASIC and Hardware Accelerator design flow. Also took a course on IR (Information Retrieval) and Web Search Engine and devised a mini search engine to search through 15000 news webpages using PageRank and Lucene.


2011 - 2015

Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, Manipal Institute of Technology

Lots of courses and projects related to Digital & Analog Electronics, Embedded Systems, Electrical Machines, Control Systems, Matlab, Linear Algebra, Programming, Data Structures and Database Management Systems.

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